Did You Know?

Junior Handbook

Please encourage your player(s) to read thru the handbook


Each player must have boots and shin pads to play. No shin pads, no game.

Where do we play

Grades 9-15 play in the general Dunedin area. It will be the same time every week, except when out of town travel is involved. Generally every second game is a home game at Sunnyvale.

Grades 6, 7 and 8 always play at the Oval, and at set times.

Ground locations and maps can be found here on the DCC website. 

The fixtures and results are on the Football South website. 


Times are set by your coach. Where possible grades 6-10 are allocated gym time in case of bad weather.


Check the link on this website to Football South Junior Cancellation - this is the most accurate information. 

Use of Grounds

The DCC in wet weather will either close "marked grounds" or "all grounds". Marked Grounds means we are not allowed to train on any of the marked pitches, with the exception being the small field in the corner, under the lights by the motorway. All Grounds means we are not allowed to train anywhere on the Sunnyvale grass - marked or otherwise. The DCC update their website and place it on the cancellations notices when this happens.


Did you know we also have a Facebook page

7 A-Side

This is our major club fundraiser for this year. The tournament is open to all clubs in Otago from Grades 6-13. We will need your help setting up, working in the food tent, refereeing, results tent and car park – when we ask please help! For more information on the event, please do not hesitate to ask!​​​​​​​


Please check our Facebook page for upcoming events. 


We value our coaches and their commitment to your kids and the club – without them your kids wouldn’t be playing.

If you would like to coach at Green island please contact the committee.


Ideally each team should have a manager - please offer to help your coach. They co-ordinate subs on game day, make sure whether practice is on/off and where, and are responsible for advising the score to the committee before 2pm on game day. Competitive teams only (Grades 11 to Youth).


Please tell your coach or manager if you can’t make a game or practice. Check your emails regularly – this is our main point of contact, or however your Coach would like to keep in touch (i.e. a Facebook group page).


We appreciate all feedback - please contact a member of your committee if you have a comment.

Email: gijfcinfo@gmail.com


Access to the Sunnyvale building (outside and internal doors) is with your Coach key. Please stick to your time in the gym as other teams/sports are scheduled to use it as well.


Fun football skills programme for 3 and 5 year olds run in the gym at Sunnyvale.

Outside lights

The main switch for these lights are inside the Sunnyvale building with access to the building being via your Coach key. The switchboard for the light is located outside the Junior Club store room door on the right hand side of the internal doors after you go in. There is a large silver cabinet - field lights switches are marked. The keys are above the switchboard on a cord. As per the instructions on the switchboard please TURN ONLY ONE SWITCH ON AT A TIME WITH A GAP OF 5 OR SO MINUTES BETWEEN TURNING THE TWO SWITCHES ON. If you are the last one to leave the field please TURN OFF the lights and put the keys back above the switchboard.


We are very fortunate to have so many great sponsors – please support them as they have supported us. You can learn more about our sponsors under their tab above in the menu. 

Team Photos

Generally taken in August and are available for purchase.


Uniform is provided (top and shorts) and must be returned at the end of the season or you may be liable for replacement costs.

Socks to be purchased from Promo-X, 257 Hillside Road, South Dunedin.  You can also purchase these on-line, Click here.  Password is  gijfc1896.